University lectures

For the last decade, each semester I have been participating externally in teaching at least one psychological subject at Masaryk university. I like teaching and I receive positive feedback on teaching theoretical and practical subjects, such as Socially-psychological training, Psychology for Economists or Psychodiagnostics of adults. So if you are looking for a psychology teacher with academic and practical experience, don't hesitate to contact me.


I am open to participation in research and interdisciplinary cooperation. In recent years, prof. Urbanek from Psychological Institute of Czech Science Academy and I have received two GAČR grants on “brain games” (dissertation, publication with IF 2,7). I am also interested in the psychological aspects of art  (bachelor thesis) and as a practitioner I have access to a selection of potential research respondents.

Consultations for students (50 min)

300 Kč
If you need to consult your psychological project, even if we do not meet at uni, it can be done (and I am probably already interested :). In that case, please send me the relevant materials in advance, so we can use the time during our face-to-face meeting in the most effective way.
I offer my psychological services as a self-employed therapist in the sense of the law no. 89/2012 Sb., Civil Code, § 2636 and following. I don’t provide healthcare in the sense of law no. 372/2011 Sb., about healtcare services. For more info click here.

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