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Individuální psychoterapie / poradenství (45 min, slevy viz Platby)

1000 Kč

Individual session / counselling  (45 min, for discount see Fees)

1000 Kč
I have a friendly and honest approach to my clients. I believe in the healing power of the therapeutic relationship as well as in individual resources of each person. You can find more on PT generally and about the specifics of Gestalt psychotherapy approach in the series "Considering psychotherapy".

Couples therapy  (55 min)

1200 Kč
Couples therapy is available not only to married couples or partners, but also parents and teenagers or people who work together. More information about couple therapy coming soon. When making an appointment, please select an afternoon date and fill in the note “couples therapy”.

Children counselling 

Two years ago my colleagues and I founded a child counselling service called Theraplay. Besides psychological consultations, we specialize in diagnostics and counselling of child giftedness, autism spectrum disorders and ADHD.

Preventive psychological care 

1500 Kč

You have no issues, but still are curious to know more about yourself? Congratulations, such an effort makes your life deeper and can save you some unnecessary suffering in future. The process is simple - when making an appointment, add to the note “PPC” and you will receive by e-mail a link to two on-line questionnaires. During the face-to-face session we will not work on a particular topic, but you obtain a written report on your results, and we discuss what does it mean (and what does it not mean).

Simplicity of this process does not mean superficiality. A team of experts usually works several years on developing a professional psychological test. These tests must meet high quality criteria and they are accessible only to psychologists. Their advantage is that 1) they examine only what the experts see as important, and 2) thanks to statistics we can tell what is your condition compared with the Czech population.

​The two tests we would use are comprised of altogether 240 questions, taking about 60 minutes to complete. The first one examines general personal traits, the second one risk factors.

Online therapy  (45 min)

1000 Kč
So called telepsychology is becoming increasingly popular today (e-mail counselling, mental health apps, training of social skills at VR, etc.). This approach has certain advantages (comfort, accessibility), but also disadvantages (limited human interaction, potential threat to privacy).  Under certain conditions online therapy can be an acceptable alternative to standard therapeutic sessions, however its suitability must be evaluated individually - don't hesitate to ask.

What I do not offer

  • family therapy, email or phone counselling
  • supervision, crisis intervention (with the exception of current clients)
  • psychological diagnostics related to gun ownership or driver's licence
  • forensic psychology opinions (including divorce proceedings)
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