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About me

43 years old, married, playful existentialist and a psychology geek with lots of interests (mostly distance running and arts).

Regarding education, after obtaining master's degree from psychology (single-subject, 5 years) I kept calm and carried on to doctoral studies (single-subject, 5 years). At the Institute of Psychology (Czech Academy of Sciences), we were awarded two research grants by Czech Science Foundation (topic: personality traits and "brain games"). This research led to my cooperation with Mensa ČR and resulted in new children's IQ test, counseling center for gifted children and currently we are developing IQ test for adults. Since 2008, I have been participating in teaching psychology at Masaryk University nearly every year.
I have gained experience during my studies as a volunteer in public foster care homes, later as a school psychologist and in penitentiary care. In 2008 I enrolled to a five-year psychotherapeutic training in gestalt therapy (according to EU standards, 5 years, 1650 hours), which benefitted me greatly both professionally and personally. At present, besides the twelfth year of my private practice, I enjoy educating myself both on my own and at professional events (e.g. annual two-week meeting of gestalt psychotherapist from all over the world, organized by the Los Angeles Institute of G.A.T.L.A.).

I'm a member of several professional organizations (Czech Association for Psychotherapy, Czech-Moravian Psychological Society, American Psychological Association). My supervisor is Paul L. Plakos, M.A., MFT.

Personally, I consider psychotherapy one of the best things I've known. It is a vocation, difficult at times, but also deeply rewarding. In my training experience as a client, it helped me to know myself better, and to experience warm and stable relationship, which allowed me to restore the best in me. I cherish the possibility to pass this experience on to others. 
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