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Vladimír Marček, Ph.D.

Sukova 49/4

Brno city center, 602 00

(3rd floor, room no. 313)

775 028 771


IČ: 88538494

Office amenities
  • Airconditioning
  • Wheelchair accessible
  • Guest wifi network: gestalt, password: theraplay2020
Parking options
  • Parking house, e.g. Domini park, Husova 712/14a, or the underground of Janáček theatre, Rooseveltova 711/3). Both are 500 meters away from the office, fee is 30 CZK per hour.
  • Regarding street parking policy in Brno, you are considered to be a "visitor" in city center. Therefore you have to look for the areas marked with an orange stripe (on a classic vertical roadsign - on the tarmac all of the stripes are blue). These areas are also visible at (in red color - you can zoom in on the small map above). Fee is 40 CZK per hour.
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