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Lectures on psychology topics 

It is said that one gram of prevention is worth a ton of treatment. Similarly, a good interactive lecture on stress, perfectionism or work-life balance can be an effective prevention against burn out, anxiety or depression. If you want to remind your team of the importance of taking care for oneself, I am here to assist you.

Psychological care as employee benefit 

A psychologist's services are becoming a popular employee benefit - several of my clients have sessions already covered by their employer, for example via Benefit Plus Company. This approach really works and reasons for that are provided e.g. by the economy of mental health.
If you decide to improve the mental health, welfare and effectiveness of your employees, one option is to arrange for the physical presence of the psychologist at workplace (so called workplace counselling, for example during one afternoon a month, when consultations upon request are done). Or the employees can visit psychologist at his office when it suits them. This way, privacy becomes an advantage (the employer is only informed of the number of visits made, not the particular persons). Currently we have such an arrangement with one corporate subsidiary in Brno.

What I do not offer

  • Teambuilding / group work with employees
  • Assesment centers
  • Leadership lectures
  • HR services
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