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University lectures 

For the last decade, each semester I have been participating externally in teaching at least one psychological subject at Masaryk university. I like teaching and I receive positive feedback on teaching theoretical and practical subjects, such as Socially-psychological training, Psychology for Economists or Psychodiagnostics of adults. So if you are looking for a psychology teacher with academic and practical experience, don't hesitate to contact me.


I am open to participation in research and interdisciplinary cooperation. In recent years, prof. Urbanek from Psychological Institute of Czech Science Academy and I have received two GAČR grants on “brain games” (dissertation, publication with IF 2,7). I am also interested in the psychological aspects of art  (bachelor thesis) and as a practitioner I have access to a selection of potential research respondents.

Consultations for students 

If you need to consult your psychological project, especially in the area of intelligence / cognitive training, gestalt psychotherapy or other interesting subjects, feel free to let me know even if we do not meet at uni.
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