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Online booking


If you don't have a timeslot yet, you can choose from the available dates here.

Please note if you are booking an online, or in-person session. 


You can pay in-person after session, for online session please pay in advance here. In case you or I cancel/reschedule the session less than 24h in advance, we will compensate the other party by 50% of the price.


You can also fill in a short personality questionnaire (takes about 10 minutes), exploring traits like extroversion or optimism, which can further contribute to our sessions. 


Done - see you on the time/date you booked. Just in case, some more info:

Address - Sukova 49/4, 3rd floor, room 313, please knock on the door at the agreed time.

Public Transport - Malinovsky Square stop
Parking - Za divadlem street (zone B, 60min free daily, then 30Kč) or JD Parking / Domini park / OC Spalíček

Wifi - network "gestalt" password "theraplay2020"

Online session? No problem - studies show that online therapy is similar in effect to face-to-face sessions. Usually we use google meet, I send the link 5 minutes before the session.


Psychotherapy has its rules (GDPR, ethics etc.). If this is your first session (and especially if you plan to visit more times), here you can find all the terms and conditions. By booking a session you express your agreement.

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