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2. Do I need psychotherapy?

Life is hard. However, we often manage to restore our inner balance by ourselves, or by being in contact with our partners and friends. But sometimes speaking with loved ones is not enough. The following list of questions may be helpful if you are thinking whether individual psychotherapy is for you (beyond self-knowledge and self-development):

• This doesn‘t feel like me...

• Does this change worry me?
• Is there an adequate explanation of the duration and intensity of it?
• Can I cope with my daily work without much difficulty?
• Do I worry constantly or do I feel a lot of anxiety?
• Am I suffering from any physical complaints?
• Is my sleep disrupted, do I sleep too little or too much?
• Do I often feel aggressive, full of hatred, irritated, or very intolerant?
• Am I often on sick leave?
• Do I have suicidal thoughts?
• Is there hardly anyone I can talk about my problems with?
• Does talking to friends no longer help me to find my inner balance?
• Is the change in me obvious to others?
• Has this been going on for more than three months?
• Do I feel as though nothing really matters?

If you are considering couples therapy, here are some common reasons suggesting it might be useful for you:

  • Loss of trust​​

  • More frequent arguing

  • Bad communication

  • Something is wrong, but you don't know what or why

  • You want the other to know something, but you don't know how to say it

  • One or both of you cannot manage mutual differences or conflicts

  • Emotional intimacy in your relationship is lost or minimal

  • Physical intimacy has become a problem

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